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    Current Situation efficiency motors developing China 2016

    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016-08-23 18:41:31 Hits:859
    Motors are widely used in the production and living. According to statistics, in 2010, China's annual power consumption of the motor is about 2 trillion kwh, accounting for 80% of the total electricity consumption and 60% of industrial electricity consumption. But energy efficient motors market share of less than 3% of the overall operating efficiency of motor systems by about 20% lower than in developed countries. General Motors has been widely used in and also spend a lot of resources, according to estimates, if the replacement of General Motors is using energy efficient motors, can be increased by 3% to 5% of the overall efficiency of the system, annual savings of at least 60 billion kilowatts when, near the Three Gorges power plant generating capacity throughout the year, can form annual energy-saving capacity of 2,500 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5,000 tons, according to estimates 0.6 yuan / kWh, the annual electricity savings of 36 billion yuan.
      In the life cycle of the motor, the initial purchase, installation and maintenance costs during only about 2.70% of the total cost, while the electricity needed to run accounted for about 97.30%. Choose high-efficiency motors to save electricity, more in line with the long term interests of the motors business. From energy efficient motors saving power resources, improving economic efficiency, and environmental protection point of view, the use of very broad prospects for high-efficiency motors.
      During the Copenhagen meeting, our commitment to the 2020 Chinese unit GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 40% -45% compared with 2005. "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" clearly put forward, in the "five" period, the unit GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 16% and 17%. To improve energy efficiency, we must adopt effective measures in energy production, energy transmission and energy consumption of the three links. Power consumption of total energy consumption by over 50%, while WEG motors and electricity consumption accounted for over 50% of social consumption, therefore, will be to improve the energy efficiency of electrical energy conservation policy in the essential part.
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